Spirituality is part of who we are

In the narrative of our lives, spirituality is always a lived reality. It emerges as part of who we are and is identified as that indomitable strength that enables the individual to overcome fear, insecurity to a stronger and healthier self. Our spirituality, through our relationship with God and others gives meaning to life, offering a sense of hope and direction in our health, relationships and our work.

We are committed to help our clients

Our committed and experienced staff of counselors are here to help in the process of healing and restoration. Celtic Counseling Services fosters this time-honored truth of God with us by providing:

  • Counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families
  • Presentations, Seminars, Retreats and other services that address personal wellness, faith and prayer using an effective approach to living spirituality in the everyday.
  • Wedding Ceremonies, Celebrations of Life for Family & Community using various models, complemented with music.
  • Psychotherapy, Counseling Services and & Group Spiritual Direction to individuals, couples & groups.
  • Integrative Energy Therapy, a special system using supportive touch & energy for healing the Body, Mind & Spirit.
  • Consultative Organizational Intervention